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Chris is the Co-Founder and also the CMO of Zero One Foundation.

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Chris | Co-Founder: Zero One Foundation

Hi there, this is Chris!

OKExChain Community|Host

Okay, the AMA itself is in two part consisting of questions and answers between I, the host and Chris, the guest.

The second part will be the revealing of…

Utilizing FLUX with Binance Smart Chain

In this Defi Strategy, we will examine the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network while utilizing FLUX Protocol to leverage our token holdings. We will be using BUNNY Finance to earn a high percentage auto-compounding APR, offsetting the borrowing APY from FLUX. This will lead to a positive gain over time if we can hold for a few weeks/months. Remember, when we supply/borrow assets on FLUX, we are simultaneously mining $FLUX tokens. Also, due to the recent market crash and a flash loan discrepancy on Bunny, which has since been resolved, I strongly believe that…

Staking on TREA

Welcome back to our Defi Strategies using Flux Protocol series! Today we will be using the TREA platform to benefit in passive staking rewards while avoiding impermanent loss. This strategy is considered risky as TREA website is not secure, however with further development from the TREA team, I hope these issues will be resolved. I have been testing the website for a few weeks with little UI issues but please use this at your own risk!

With this strategy, users can accumulate TREA tokens to participate in the protocol games, reinvest in the TREA mining pools, or…

The tracking of Genesis NFT Airdrops…

With the Genesis NFT gaining momentum and overall value, traders should understand what assets have been previously airdropped to holders. The purpose of this document is to be an expanding resource that community members can track all previous airdrops. The table below will be updated every time an airdrop is given to Genesis’ holders. In addition, I will attempt to link all documentation released by projects so that you may read and confirm for yourself. …

Leveraging Assets on INS3

Welcome to our Defi Strategies using Flux Protocol series! In our last article, we discussed how to supply assets on Flux to earn APY% and how to borrow assets to provide liquidity on Moonswap. If you need a refresher on how to complete these actions, go check out the previous article here.

This week, Flux added the YFII token to the protocol for users to supply and borrow! We will be taking advantage of the high APY supply rates in tangent with our liquidity mining event to double up on Flux rewards! We will also discuss…

The Flux Airdrops have officially been released to those that have participated in our giveaways. If you have received an NFT, Congratulations and Thank You for becoming apart of our community 🥳🥳🥳. If you happened to miss out, don’t be sad as we will have future opportunities for users to earn NFTs! Remember to join our Discord so you don’t miss any valuable announcements and updates!

Now back to what you came for….NFTs.

We will be distributing our NFTs differently then expected as we are still experiencing some underlying issues with our NFT format. If you were eligible for the…

Earning Rewards while Earning Interest….

Being able to leverage your assets without selling them is a powerful tool that Defi brings to crypto traders. What is even more powerful is the ability to do this with Zero Gas fees and fast transaction confirmations! This is possible with Flux Protocol on the Conflux Network. Two tokens that we will focus on today is FC and CFX. FC-Fanscoin is the Conflux on-chain community token while CFX is the native token on the Conflux blockchain. In this article, we will discuss two types of strategies:

  • Supplying assets on Flux and earn APY%
  • Provide…

Non-fungible tokens or NFTS are becoming a popular sector in the crypto community, allowing people to utilize them as different types of assets. NFTs can have attributes that are considered collectible, unique pieces of art, blockchain domains, items in games, etc. The list of possibilities for NFTS can be quite lengthy. Since NFTS are versatile in nature, they open the door for people to take advantage of great opportunities that platforms have to offer. Ethereum has been the favorited blockchain to host these NFTs, creating a market where users can buy and trade with one another.

As most Ethereum users…

With constant waves of new users joining the cryptocurrency space, tasks such as sending crypto assets to lengthy addresses can be confusing and complex. Funds can be easily lost if an incorrect wallet address is used to send crypto. Whether your sending funds to a decentralized exchange or crypto assets to friends and family, dealing with this scenario is frustrating even for the experienced trader. What if there was an easier way to send and receive assets from wallets and exchanges? Owning a Trust Domain solves exactly that.

What Is Trust Domains?

Trust Domains is a distributed domains name service…

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