FLUX NFT Airdrops Have Arrived!

The Flux Airdrops have officially been released to those that have participated in our giveaways. If you have received an NFT, Congratulations and Thank You for becoming apart of our community 🥳🥳🥳. If you happened to miss out, don’t be sad as we will have future opportunities for users to earn NFTs! Remember to join our Discord so you don’t miss any valuable announcements and updates!

Now back to what you came for….NFTs.

We will be distributing our NFTs differently then expected as we are still experiencing some underlying issues with our NFT format. If you were eligible for the airdrop, the NFTs have already been distributed to your Conflux wallets. However, in order to view them, we had to create a separate website to display and transfer your NFTS. Currently, the website does not support selling of the NFTs but you could transfer them to other users if you so choose.

Here I will explain the steps on how to view your airdropped NFTS:

  • Go to this website which will bring up the temporary NFT platform and sign into your Conflux Wallet and click “confirm”
  • Click on the “Refresh” button to bring up all of the available Zero One NFTS! Here you can see that each NFT has a labeled ID number from 1–5. The total amount of each NFT you own will be displayed below the “TokenID”.
  • Great, Now that we have our NFTs, lets transfer them to another wallet. Click the “Transfer” button.
  • In this example, we will be transferring 1 Light NFT or “TokenID:2”. Input the required information. Here we input “2” for the “TokenID”, the Conflux address we are sending the NFT, and finally the number of NFTs we are sending, which in this case is “1” and click “Okay”.
  • “Confirm” the transaction and you have successfully sent your first Flux NFT!



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